30 years Allmenalpbahn


1947 First simple cable car to transport material to Steintalalp
1970-84 4 people cable car to Allmenalp
1980 Demolition of the Reichen hut and displacement to Museum Ballenberg
1982 Building of the new restaurant
1982-83 Foundation of the incorporation
1984 Construction of the new cable car
1985 21st June opening ceremony
1986 Paragliding is becoming more popular
1997-99 Upgrading of the hiking trails First-Elsigenalp and Obere Allme-Alpschelenhubel
2000 Three-peak-event
2005 Construction of the via ferrata
2006-07 Building of the new mountain road to Allmenalp
2006 Football coach Latour and FC Köln do the via ferrata
2008 New engine with control system
2008 1st Alpcher event
2009 1st via ferrata 24-hour-event
2010 World famous Icehockey club of Bern (SCB) do the via ferrata
2015 Extension of the valley station